Cactus Tour  is a Costa Rican company, founded by three longtime friends who came to live in Costa Rica in 1994.

Around the creators Fabienne, Christophe and Olivier, Cactus Tour today brings together a Spanish-speaking, French-speaking and English-speaking team all passionate about travel and in love with their countries and Central America. Their knowledge of the field, their passions and their areas of interest offer trips tailor made to everyone’s needs and make your dreams come true.
The team is present in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and France.

Sylvie, Magda, Alina, Cyril, Jéremie, Alejandra, Margot, Christian are the “experts” who accompany you throughout the project in a spirit of quality of service, respect for local cultures and protection of the environment.

Enjoy yourself, Come serene and come back enchanted!

Since 1994, we have been traveling Central America. We are living this adventure for our pleasure and for yours! Fervent of quality and originality,
We draw all the trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama

Travelling with Cactus Tour, assure you a trustful  relation with our motivited team, being at your service the 24/7!


Who are we?