Individual Travellers .. Creating the Spirit in your Trip:  Travel like you are

Cactus Tour combine your dreams with reality by designing your individual “self-tour” circuits and your guided trips!
This is the travel philosophy of independence, freedom, off-the-beaten-path journeys

Thosepersonalized services are built listenning to your needs, requests and interrogations to give you the best for your vacations , Alone, in couple, with the entire family or a small group of friends all year round, we will provide the right answer for your next holidays!

We propose at CactusTour Several diferents itineraries “à la carte” with all a commun point a good and complete discovery. Our Sustainable tourism chart invites you to participate during your stay, and shows that each component of our itineraries contribute at de local development offering a respectful encounter with nature, sites of interest and the people thanks to a careful selection of providers all concerned about the environment and local wellfare

Self-drive Itineraries

The Self drive solution is the “adventure and freedom” formula. It includes: 1 vehicle + 1 personalized itinerary + hotel nights; the welcoming at your arrival, travel documents and advice, live monitoring of your trip by the team. This is a Formula that allows you to visit the country as you wish! Thus, master of your private vehicle, you travel at your own pace, alone or in a small group. Your route is punctuated by your points of interest and pleasant nights where you have decided.

Your personal counselor communicates with you continuously in order to plan your stay. You define together your journey, the appropriate type of transport; we offer you advice on the choice of your activities and recommendations for your accommodation
When you confirm your itinerariy, we make all the reservations and send you the confirmation. We give you on your arrival the logbook of your itinerary, which is accompanied by detailed maps and your counselor is in permanent and direct contact to ensure the smooth running of your stay. We can also add “à la carte” options (driver, private transfers) and create even more originality and surprise ... Contact us!

Our Services include:

Listenning carefully what are your needs
A proposition of a detailled itinerary totally open to any changes you shall ask for
Reservation and control of all the services at your image
24h/7 Concierge service during your stay
You can include any time any other services you might need : activities, meals, transfers, rent (4×4, minibus, moto…).
Certificated Sustainable providers

By contacting us you are in hands of a privileged agent. The entire Cactus Tour team is then at your disposal to make your ideas come to a reality.

Guided Trip

We offer two types of stays accompanied by a guide

Formula « Knowledge and Liberty » offers you to choose your point of interest, without having to worry about logistics, and just focus on increasing your knowledge. We therefore define your itinerary together and provide you with a driver and a bilingual guide. Your personalized trip will take you on the paths of discovery you dreamed of. Observation of the most discreet animals of the jungles and forests, study of the jewels of Costa Rican flora, immersion in local culture, encounter with colonial architecture and pre-Columbian remains … The explanations, advice and tips from your multilingual expert will allow you to live a unique, enriching and relaxing experience, whether you are alone or in a small group Contact us!

Formula « discovery and conviviality » It is a stay bringing together 2 to 18 individuals, who initially do not know each other. The concept aims to travel in a more reassuring way (because accompanied), while multiplying meetings and discoveries. The route, overnight stays and activities are defined in advance. You travel the country in a minibus, privatized transfers and a bilingual guide. This offer is organized annually, on fixed dates and in partnership with your travel agency or local tour operator. These guided stays, lasting 8 days, are varied and can be supplemented, at the end of the journey with an individual “Self drive tour”, a formula “knowledge and freedom” or a seaside extension with organized transfers. Inquire!