Enjoy your Sport Activity with a generous Tropical Touch

Before, during or after your rugby, beach volleyball, handball season: enjoy a tailor-made trip!
Get in shape by working out and doing your favorite activity in the tropics!

We invite you to benefit from the attention of physiotherapists and nutritionists, from the experience of physical trainers to measure yourself against the national teams.
They will welcome you on their field, in their stadium or in other infrastructures! A great intercultural and sporting exchange, the pleasure of a complete event with dinners and festivities.

These sessions are open to all sports organizations, associations, clubs and federations, for amateur or professional players.
These sporting events can be part of a thematic stay to discover our countries

Relaxing … And above all : FEEL GOOD!!

The beautiful Pacific and Caribbean beaches are ideal setting for a relaxing weekend.
From “all-inclusive” resorts to charming hotels, we will find the place that will fully meet your expectations.

Spa, fun, sunbathing on the beaches surrounded by coconut groves, catamaran cruise, picnic on deserted beaches,
The recipe for successful Event in the country of Pura Vida Life Style
Not to mention breakfasts surrounded by the sound of the jungle and the hot evenings parties with Latin music!



Know the world better and do some for its preservation

Come and discover educational programs on the other side of the planet, in a movement of solidarity.
Local primary schools open their doors to you! Come and participate in traditional children’s games and contribute to the development of the establishment: Donation of equipment, participation in construction …

If you want to learn about the history and indigenous people of Costa Rica, we will arrange a meeting with one of Costa Rica’s remote ethnic groups.
Shamans and tribal chiefs will show you the making of pottery, the virtues of medicinal plants, the making of masks …

You can also plant trees to save macaws, adopt turtles top help protect them … With a little help to the fondations and associations We give the chance to their actions to remain visible and useful even for many years!




The people here will be delighted to share, in coexistence, the diversity of their country by teaching you their rural and agricultural traditions!
Interactive tours and tastings await you here. Whether your choice is banana, pineapple, yucca, hearts of palm, cocoa, sugar cane, coffee or all at the same time … We will have the pleasure to introduce you to the life of the farmers of the tropical plantations.

Discover and learn: put your hands in the dough during meetings to discover the meaning of the words exchange and hospitality; hone your photography skills and we’ll pick which shot is the best, learn how to mix and make the best rum and fresh fruit cocktails, take drums and maracas and play a good SALSA music!

Come and discover how people do the same work as you do on the other side of the world: great meetings and the prospect of sharing.


Team Events

Strengthen the bonds of his team

You need the services of an event agency? knowing how to combine escape, comfort, emotion, innovative activities and respect for nature and people.
With more than 25 years of experience in tourism, our team will have the pleasure of making all your dreams of cohesion, solidarity, stimulation, recognition, come true. In our quiet and diverse countries you will transform your seminars, incentive trips, sports trips and other organized tours, into memorable and beneficial moments for your work organization.
Tropical country, incredible biodiversity, forests, mountains and plains in a haven of peace

The right way to give a new spirit to your sales force

The original, innovative and personalized activities is as important as the framework in which they will achieve their objectives!

We offer activities to encourage attendance and surpassing oneself. Combining sport, adrenaline and adventure. Glide over the treetops on the monkey trail, raft down rivers and face the crystal-clear and turbulent waters; surf at sunset; set off to conquer the outskirts of the country aboard an ATV; discover ancient lava flows on a horseback excursion; experience canyoning in the heart of the jungle …


Share an AUTHENTIC memory of PURA VIDA !!!

For example, come visit a town in deep Guanacaste region. A great Blue Zone where the rhythm of life, throughout the year, is exceeded in the naps in the hammock and the festivities worthy of the western spent in an atmosphere of camaraderie and jokes … The bulls and the horses are the stars, with a typical sound background and national beer people will be ready to come meet you and train you in their trade

Indulge yourself with wellness evenings, bonfire evenings on the beach or stunning Gala dresses …


Our Services for you MICE event :

Creation together of the ideal itinerary
• Pro Tour Leaders
Organisation y following of all the activities, excursions, meals, relaxing moments and of course the Fiestas !
© Sound, Lights, Vidéo, Mapping, original setup
Perfect internet accesibility
Seminaries, conférences, expositions, all kind of meetings from little tema to international event avor 1000pax
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