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Guaria Morada, national flower Costa Rica’s position as a bridge between the two Americas allows it to have extraordinary wealth in terms of its biodiversity. The incredible wealth of flora makes the country one of the last world reserves of primary plant species, it is a museum of creation, still poorly known.
Its policy of preserving the environment has enabled and still allows to preserve this natural heritage.

Poros, liana, cloud forest plant

What will you discover?

There are more plants over 1km than in all of Europe

In Costa Rica, the plant world is a vast world. The eye is lost in the face of the multitude of species it encounters: more than 9,000 species of flowering trees, 800 species of ferns, 1,400 different orchids.
The most seasoned botanist is surprised by the richness of the flora and the number of endemic plants.
The species that you know in pots at home or in the storefronts of florists, you will be able to admire them in life size.
Costa Ricans love flowers and plants. You will see on site that even the most humble of houses offers a magnificent garden for all to see.
You will also discover the strangest relationships between plant and animal species.
The biodiversity of primary forests, trees and their plant inhabitants.

The grandiose and majestic trees, the multitude of palms and palm trees, the colorful flowers all year round, the plantations of exotic products or that we know so well like coffee or pineapples, tropical forests, mangroves are a whole world to discover and explore.

During your discoveries it is important to constantly keep in mind that this nature is the wealth of Costa Rica. That this beauty and this diversity must be preserved. How lucky you are to come and meet this wonderful earthly garden.

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