A pleasant, exotic and cultural surprise!


Nicaragua, a neighbor of Costa Rica, is a great little-known country. However, they will have the opportunity to discover magnificent volcanoes, lakes, colonial cities, seaside resorts and pleasant fields.

Visiting Nicaragua is mixing the pleasures of the beach, the happyness of its inhabitants, the richness of a culture and an incredible history.
Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this tropical country will enchant you.



The Republic of Nicaragua is the largest in Central America.
It is a united nation, composed of two autonomous regions
and populated with almost 6 million inhabitants.
For the most part, Nicaraguans, communly called Nicas,
They are Spanish-speaking and mestizo

Its capital, Managua has 1 million citizens.
Each of its 16 regions has an exceptional biodiversity.
To the north, the border with Honduras, to the south, Costa Rica;
It has two mountain ranges that run through the country.
Two large and inescapable lakes that cover 7% of the territory!
Lake Managua stretches 60 km long and 30 km wide.
It is volcanic, with an amazing volcanic mountain range of beauty …
Llos will stun the perfect cone of Momotombo, or see Lava em el Massaya
As for Lake Nicaragua, it is one of the fresh water reserves
most important islands in the world, which offers you different islands
Ometepe with its 2 stratovolcanoes: Concepción and Maderaso
or the archipelago Las Isletas de Granada

There are few words to illustrate the richness of Nicaragua’s ecosystems



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