Union of the Américas between 2 oceans…

Drapeau du PanamaLocated in Central America between Costa Rica and Colombia, a strip of land and jungles between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

This tropical isthmus with 1500 islands, is a land of mountains and volcanoes, forests, rivers, beaches and mangroves, with a modern capital, small colonial towns, historical places, a friendly and smiling people that will welcome you. Known for its impressive canal, Panama is also an authentic destination




Panamá tropical

Nature in its purest form! An abundance of flora and fauna, monkeys, crocodiles, multi-colored birds, jungles, primary forests and orchids offer an exceptional wildlife.

Panamá etnical

The Embera, people native from the forests,
The Guna people other native americans from the Caribbean Sea and its archipelago of San Blas,
he Ngobe Bugle, the people of the mountains. Come meet these Native communities!

Panamá colonial

The history of a continent! Visit the living museum of the conquest of America

Panamá by the sea

A haven of peace! The amazing archipelagos, the beaches from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean Sea, will leave you enchanted

Panamá modern

A great developing country! Discover the mini Dubai of Central America

Panamá traditional

A warm mestizo people of “Latin American” culture for a beautiful lesson in humility.

« Surprising” … That’s the word after you met Panamá.

Beyond a canal, this still little-known country offers you a multitude of exceptional discoveries!

There are so many leisure activities : Hiking off the beaten track, relaxing on a desert island, diving, helicopter flight over the canal, colonial culture and history, canal cruise


Consult us  to build your trip together, prepare a stay according to your expectations, we are here to share our passion for our country

Panamá Map