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Human diversity for unforgettable encounters

The Costa Ricans, of various origins, form a young people, and pacifist, united around family, religious, educational values ​​and the expression “Pura Vida”.
Costa Ricans forge a modern society headed by a woman President, a high level education system and respect for all religions. Costa Rica is a people of 4.4 million people , the majority of whom live in cities. They are Spanish speaking . And because of their tic of language, which consists of adding “tico” to the end of words, Costa Ricans have a loving nickname : “Tico” in the masculine, “Tica” in the feminine. The Ticos have multiple roots. Here you will meet natives, Afro Caribbean, Chinese and a majority of other Ticos with Spanish ancestors!

This beautiful country is listed as l th happiest in the world !

Where does this high level of satisfaction come from? Could it be his way of being peaceful illustrated by a political commitment, his art of living “Pura Vida” or quite simply the result of the mix of his < strong> roots

What Cactus Tour offers to discover Costa Rican life

  • routes which take you through the different sites and know the inhabitants who live there
  • recommendations on national parks, museums, exhibitions
  • organized visits to national institutions, to the most significant places in the life of this multicultural people
  • meetings with the inhabitants which allow to have a different vision on daily life for the men of our planet
  • naturalist guides who will share their passion and knowledge with you: they will be your eyes and ears, knowing perfectly the different sites at each time of the year, they know how to guide you to meet the secrets of nature and cultures
  • personalized advice on how to find the site or activity you want based on your travel dates and the length of your stay
  • Follow the special and themed departures in the calendar

Nos conseillers sont là pour vous orienter sur le voyage que vous souhaitez, en réponse directe et rapide.

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