What to do before the Trip?

Tips and tricks for leaving mind free

Your trip is approaching !!! The emotion is growing and you may be afraid that you will forget something. Departures on a trip, assuring nice holidays require some preparation.


Don’t forget :

  • A photocopy of your identity card or passport, sending it by email is also a good solution.
  • Your bank’s phone number and your credit card’s international support phone number.
  • Your Travel Insurance contacts
  • A photocopy of your medical prescriptions as well as a sheet indicating your intolerances, allergies, wearing of lenses, blood type …
  • A list of emergency numbers to contact in case of need.

What to put in your suitcase?


  • The charger for your cameras, laptops, computers, etc.
  • Solar cream
  • Swimsuit, sunglasses and hat
  • Driver’s license
  • Your medications and personal pharmacy
  • Mosquito repellent
  • A clothes long sleeves, something a little warm, and a protection for water ( rain, boat tour) … you never know

What to do at home?

The goal is to “shut down” your house … Unplug electrical appliances, turn off the water and defrost your refrigerator. Remember to clean up and take out all the trash to prevent unwanted little guests from appearing.
Don’t forget your plants: a good watering before you go and, if you are going for a long time, find someone who can take care of their hydration while you are away.

It is always better to leave a duplicate of your keys with a good friend. He will be able to drop by from time to time, collect your mail and check that everything is in order. Lock the doors well and close your windows
Do not forget to consult your insurance policy: in the event of prolonged absence, must your shutters be closed for you to be insured?

But the most important:

Leave everything that isn’t necessary: stress, work, problems … it’s good to forget about them, so what’s the point in taking them with you?!?!

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