Chira Island

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Isla Chira an island located in the Gulf of Nicoya.
With 3000 inhabitants,
It is the largest populated island in the gulf.
Its main economic activity is artisanal fishing

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    All about the Chira Island.

    Isla Chira, île située dans le golfe de Nicoya.
    Avec 3000 habitants elle est la plus grande île peuplée du golfe.
    Sa principale activité économique est la pêche artisanale
    qui fait vivre 99% de ses habitants.
    les nombreux oiseaux migratoires qui viennent nicher dans cette région
    Découverte de l’écosystème des mangroves sorte d’interface
    entre le milieu marin et le milieu terrestre.
    On y trouve notamment les « pianguas » (sorte de mollusque)
    dont vous découvrirez la pêche traditionnelle. Retour en bateau puis continuation par la route.

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    Road to the pier then continue by boat to reach Isla Chira, an island located in the Gulf of Nicoya. With 3000 inhabitants it is the largest populated island in the Gulf. Its main economic activity is artisanal fishing, which supports 99% of its inhabitants.
    The boat trip will be an opportunity to observe the many migratory birds that come to nest in this region (mainly from February to May and August to November). Continue by bike to the Lodge for a lunch of local seafood.
    Discovery of the mangrove ecosystem, a sort of interface between the marine environment and the terrestrial environment.
    Group of trees, shrubs, herbaria with a halophilic character that we find at the mouths of rivers, in coastal areas sheltered from sea currents.
    One finds there in particular the “pianguas” (kind of mollusk) of which you will discover the traditional fishing. Return by boat then continue by road.