10 Tips for your Travel Panama

10 essential points

The climate

Tropical climate marked by two seasons, the one called “dry”, from December to April, the one called “green” from May to November

Temperatures are always between 20 and 30 ° C, mountain regions are the most temperate

The best season

Panama is a destination to discover all year round. It is a hot and humid climate, which is what gives it the richness of its biodiversity. However, it is exceptional that it rains all day long. Most of the time the mornings are sunny, showers in the early afternoon and then the sun takes over at the end of the day… That’s part of the charm of the tropics!

However, we recommend avoiding the Christmas / New Year and Holy Week periods: high tourist demand and excessive prices

Clothes to take away

For the beach: sunglasses, sunscreen & swimsuit!

For walks in the forest: light long-sleeved clothing, pants, cap or hat, rain poncho, walking shoes

For evenings and air-conditioned places: woolen or fleece


No compulsory vaccine to enter Panama, bring a first aid kit containing commonly used drugs (aspirin, intestinal problems etc.)

If you are undergoing medical treatment, take your medication and keep it in your carry-on baggage with its prescription.

The water is safe to drink in all major cities. On rural and isolated sites, prefer bottled water

Mosquito repellent lotion is required


Panama is a relatively safe country. As everywhere, certain sites are to be avoided (consult us). It is advisable to avoid provocation by limiting the outward signs of wealth. Use the safes in your hotels and do not leave your personal effects (bag / camera, etc.) without vigilance


110-120 volts / 60 Hertz. American flat sockets. You can buy an adapter at the airport


Check with your local operator for their network agreements with Panama. Your mobile phone must be of quad-band technology to send and receive communications in Panama

To reach Panama from abroad, dial 00 507 in front of the number

Time zones

GMT -5h

With France, minus 6 hours in winter, minus 7 hours in summer


Even though Panama’s currency unit is the Balboa, the United States dollar (USD) is used. Unit value equal: $ 1 = 1Balboa

There are many vending machines all over the country, carry small denominations and avoid Traveler’s checks which are rarely accepted.

The formalities

No visa required for French people

The passport must be valid 6 months after the date of return to France

Other nationalities should contact the Panama Consulate, 145 avenue de Suffren, Paris. Phone.

Exit tax from Tocumen International Airport = us $ 40

Most of the time this tax is already included in your plane ticket

For all other general information, contact us!

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